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Borys Piasny



Phone: +48 794-118-457

Freedom for the Wolf is an upcoming full feature documentary film. Directed by Rupert Russell and produced by Bulldog Agenda, it's a fresh look at the idea of freedom in modern society, and how it has been taken over by various political and ideological establishments. THE STORY ANIMATION FULL 3D SCENES COMPOSITING PARALLAX ANIMATION GRAPHS ANIMATIONS HEADLINE ANIMATIONS

THE STORY Our goal was to present brand without losing its rich past and soul.
We understood the power of minimalistic approach to this butter mix campaign and visualising to clients how the oil na butter is mixing together was a nice touch before showing the product.

THE STORY 5 x 5 Docuseries (25 mins). How the World Went Mad explores the rise of political insanity through the sociology of madness. Using animation and archival footage, these humorous films unpack complex ideas by using an original mix of satire and science. Each episode tackles a different aspect of the madness epidemic by asking a fundamental question about our flight from sanity. Produced by the documentary streaming platform Docsville, and directed by Rupert Russel. Due for release in early 2018.

THE STORY The Advisors of King Hydrops is a stop motion adaptation of Stanisław Lem's (Solaris, Fables for Robots) short story of the same title. Directed by Natalia Brożyńska and produced by WJTeam. We were trusted with the full postproduction process, and a very pressing deadline. COLOR CORRECTION ROTOPAINT VFX